Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 TCM Classic Film Festival

It's that time of the year again!  TCM released the full schedule for this spring's Classic Film Festival early this past week and those folks who are going are poring over the schedule trying to figure out how they're going to see all the films and events and manage to eat (and sleep!)

On the initial review of the films, a few things stuck out at me:
  • BOOM! (1968) is being screened Friday at midnight.  I've been wanting to see this ever since reading about it in Robert K. Elder's book "The Best Film You've Never Seen" (which I highly easy read and a nice collection of films.)  In the book, John Waters chooses this film and is interviewed about his choice.  Great stuff.
  • No screening of The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (1928)...this was the one film I had hoped they screened at the festival.  Oh well, someday I'd like to see it on the big screen.
  • This year has a great collection of celebrity appearances...just check out this partial list:
    • Shirley MacLaine
    • Peter Fonda
    • Julie Andrews
    • Christopher Plummer
    • Keith Carradine
    • Norman Lloyd
    • Alec Baldwin
    • Dustin Hoffman
    • Ann-Margret
    • George Lazenby
    • James Lovell
    • Alex Trebek
    • Spike Lee
    • William Daniels
    • Ken Howard
    • William Friedkin
    • Robert Morse
    • Sophia Loren
    • and lest I not forget...Robert Osborne & Ben Mankiewicz
  • I was initially lukewarm about the film selections, but upon multiple passes pouring over the schedule, I'm really getting excited for a lot of these films that I haven't yet seen.

Enough jabber!  Here's my initial thoughts on what I'd like to see:

Early evening - Too Late For Tears (1949)

  • I haven't seen this, Dan Duryea in a crime/noir film sound great, though.

Late evening - My Man Godfrey (1936)

  • William Powell is in this delightful film..enough said.

Morning - Lawrence of Arabia (1962) or My Darling Clementine (1946) or The Dawn of Technicolor

  • Lawrence of Arabia is simply awesome on the big screen & Ann V. Coates who edited the film will be on hand.  The other bonus is that I've never been in the El Capitan theater.  Of course, attending this would eat up the 2nd slot of the day.
  • My Darling Clementine has Keith Carradine and Peter Fonda on hand and stars Walter Brennan in a rare role as a villain. That might be fun...and I haven't seen this before.
  • I love the tech aspect of film (aspect ratio, the physics of the zoetrope, editing techniques, etc.) so this would be a fun educational event for me.

Early afternoon - Lawrence of Arabia (1962) continued or Reign of Terror (1949)

  • Reign of Terror would have Norman Lloyd in attendance, and it would be a first viewing for me.

Late afternoon - Chimes at Midnight (1965) or Limelight (1952) or Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

  • Chimes is a rare Orson Welles film...I think it would be interesting.
  • Limelight has Norman Lloyd in attendance, Chaplin & Keaton later in their careers, it's new to me.
  • Young Mr. Lincoln is one of my favorite portrayals of Lincoln on film.

Early evening - Rififi (1955)

  • This is the gold standard of the heist genre.  A film I think everyone should see.  I've seen it many times, but never on the big screen.  Really looking forward to this.

Late evening -The Bank Dick (1940) or Roman Holiday (1953)

  • I'll probably catch Roman Holiday, if only to get into the El Capitan Theater and see Audrey Hepburn on the big screen.
  • The Bank Dick looks like members of Fields family will be onhand.

Midnight - Boom! (1968)

  • I've been dying to see this ever since I read about it for the first time last summer.  This may be the film I'm most looking forward to seeing at the festival.

Morning - Why Be Good (1929) 42nd Street (1933)

  • I've never seen Why Be Good and what a great title.  I read that this is Colleen Moore’s last silent film?
  • I love 42nd Street...Warner Baxter’s exasperation as Julian Marsh is great...Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers as ‘Anytime’ much fun.

Afternoon -Air Mail (1932) The Picture Show Man (1977)

  • Air Mail will be a first time viewing for me
  • I really enjoyed the Friday Night Spotlight TCM did with Australian New Wave.  The Picture Show Man has Rod Taylor in a later role...may need to skip or leave early to queue for The Apartment.

Early evening -The Apartment (1960)

  • This is one of the most perfect films made...I’m guessing this will be the toughest ticket of the festival, especially with Shirley MacLaine onhand.

Late evening -The Loved One (1965) or Return of the Dream Machine (2015)
  • I've seen The Loved One once before on TCM and it was a scream...looking forward to a re-watch with the film's star, Robert Morse in attendance.
  • Hand-cranked early film would be cool.

Midnight - Nothing Lasts Forever (1985)

  • I’ve heard screenings of this film are fairly rare. Just look at the cast, oh my goodness! Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Imogene Coca...this should be fun.

Morning -The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) or Nightmare Alley (1947)
  • Tough choice here...Hunchback is a great film, I've only seen it once.
  • I've never seen Nightmare Alley
  • May be a game-time decision

Afternoon - Psycho (1960) or The Diary of Anne Frank (1963)

  • I just saw Psycho recently, but I've never seen it on big screen.
  • The Diary of Anne Frank is a film I consistently hear good things about. However, maybe too tough emotionally to get through.

Early evening - The Children’s Hour (1961)

  • Shirley MacLaine, interesting/controversial (at the time) film

Late evening - Marriage Italian Style (1964)

  • Sophia Loren, foreign film & directed by Italian neo-realism filmmaker Vittorio De Sica.

Of course, seeing tons of films is great fun, but the real joy of the festival for me is meeting people who share my passion for classic film and getting to meet my online friends (some for the first time...many a reunion.)


  1. I LOVE all of your "OR" notations, which sum up exactly how I feel about many time slots. Great choices - we'll definitely run into each other on a few. You can run but you can't hide!!! :)


  2. Great picks! Can't wait to see you at a few of these!

    1. woohoo! looking forward to seeing you again *and* meeting Santa :)

  3. Depending on your ors, we seem to be in the same theater a lot. Then again, I seem to remember that being the case last year, and oddly even though I was looking for you, we didn't meet until after it was all over at the Sunday night party. I honestly don't know how you can contemplate walking out in the middle of Lawrence of Arabia, though I guess for Norman Lloyd.... That's the biggest issue with my schedule is figuring out a way to see Norman Lloyd.

    By the way, is it me or is Norman Lloyd the oldest one at the Festival and doing more than anyone.

    1. At 100 years old he's easily the oldest guest at TCMFF...and yes, I know of at least 3 events he's doing: 2 pre-film talks and a one-on-one interview at the Montalban.

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